7 Summer Outfits for 7 Days of Week- Monday Outfit

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Monday: Beat the Monday Blues with Monday Blue Outfit

Monday Outfit

Why Blue?

Sky and the Sea, blue represents both! Blue is often seen as a sign of stability and reliability. It’s positive aspects are that it is a calming and safe color. It can lower the heart rate, improve mental clarity and inspire creativity. That means, it a good color to start your week.

About Monday Outfit Set:

For this set I have selected similar theme, design and color so that it can complement each other.

Shop Ikat Blue Pencil Skirt:

I have created this Ikat design with Blue and Grey color combination, putting the shades of blue on grey background in such way that it gives the "blurriness" to the design as it originally happens while traditionally dyeing and weaving the fabric for Ikat design.

ikat blue pencil skirt

 Shop Dreamcatcher Blue Allover T-shirt: 

No matter how many times I create Dreamcatchers I never get bored. For my this digitally illustrated Dreamcatcher, I have included Feathers, beads and decorative wires. This Dreamcatcher Blue Allover T-shirt has large dreamcatcher design on both front and back of tee as well as on the both sleeves.

Dreamcatcher Artwork for Allover Printed T-shirt

 Shop Beautiful Starry Night Tough and Slim Phone cases:

Ain't sky full of stars mesmerising? Blue Sky, Twinkling Stars, Milky Moon and Mountains, combining all I created this "Beautiful Starry Night" design.

Beautiful Starry Night Tough and Slim Phone cases

Shop Good Vibes Only Unisex Casual Shoulder Backpack:

Sun, Moon, Stars, Arrows, Feathers, I have created this "Good Vibes Only" in Bohemian Theme."good vibes is a happy person smiling and having a positive effect on those around them"

Good Vibes Unisex Casual Shoulder Backpack

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